5 Energy Boosting Smoothies to Start Your Day Right

Jun 7th, 2017

We know that it can be difficult to have a full breakfast in the morning – we’re often so busy flying off to work, or to our fitness classes, that we just don’t have the time to prep and eat breakfast!

That’s why we love smoothies – they’re quick, easy, and will keep you full and energized until your next meal. The best part is that they’re incredibly healthy and you never have to drink the same smoothie twice in a row!

Make it easy on yourself and prep all the ingredients on Sunday night by using Ziplock bags for each day and storing them in the freezer. All you have to do in the morning is dump everything from the Ziplock bag into the blender, give it a quick blend, and off you go! 

Here are our 5 favorite smoothies that will give you a nice burst of energy so you can start your day off right.

The Classic: Strawberries + Banana + Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Nothing beats the classic combination of strawberries and banana, with just the right amount of creaminess (thanks to the banana) and perfect sweetness (thanks to the strawberries). If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend adding some vanilla Greek yogurt for some added protein and to make it a bit thick. You can even add some orange juice for a nice tang!

The Creamy Smoothie: Milk (or an alternative) + Pitted Dates

Dates are a treasure trove for all the good nutrients your body needs: iron, calcium, magnesium, and more! Even better, they’re very sweet so they provide a good source of natural sugar that balances out the dairy (or whichever alternative you’d like to use).

The Green Monster: Kale + Pineapple + Banana + Milk (or an alternative)

Adding kale to a smoothie can be scary if you’ve never had it before, but that’s why we have the pineapple and banana in this recipe! Both fruits give you a good amount of sweetness to offset the kale, and once you add milk, you’ll hardly be able to tell there’s any kale in the smoothie at all. Of course, the signature green color might give that away!

The Peanut Butter Smoothie: Peanut Butter + Banana + Milk (or an alternative)

This is one of our favorite smoothies to make; the peanut butter packs the smoothie with some protein and the banana adds some much needed creaminess to the final product! Feel free to mix up this smoothie by adding some cocoa powder or even your favorite berries for a fun taste.

The Red Monster: Raspberry + Beets

Beets are not only delicious but because they’re rich in iron and nitric acid, they’re very good for blood flow throughout your body. Just add some cranberry juice and plain yogurt to make it thick and creamy!

What’s your go-to smoothie recipe? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on social!



The BOD Team