Beverley Hills Courier: Beverly Hills News – Walk with the Mayor, Dance with Kym – and Saks Fifth Ave., Too!

Jun 29th, 2017

By Victoria Talbot

This week, walkers, wear your dancing shoes, because Walk with the Mayor’s Lili Bosse will be joining three-time Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball Champion Kym Johnson Herjavec for a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony at her new studio BOD!

And BOD is not just any studio, at any location… It is the newest incarnation of the iconic location for Richard Simmons Slimmons, studio, which brought fitness to the heart of the City when the business was all Vic Tanny and Jack LaLane.

Simmons made it chic. 

Well, now there’s Kym, and she plans to make YOU chic! The BOD is a dance and fitness studio, where clients can dance, body sculpt and tone their “bods” in classes that run the gamut of fun fitness. There’s Dance BOD, Barre BOD, BOD 80s and Broadway BOD – in honor of Richard Simmons! And for those “tight” occasions-  there is Bridal BOD, a 3-month program to get you there! 

Can’t make the class? Streaming video and private BOD remove all your excuses not to be your best BOD ever!

So this week, walkers, Walk with the Mayor will work up a healthy sweat with Kym and then for the second act, stroll to the City’s beloved Saks Fifth Ave. for a course in more chic-ness! 

Saks Fifth Ave. has been in Beverly Hills since 1938, a long, long time before anyone else. Did you know that this ritzy Department Store that serves nothing but glamor is owned by the oldest commercial corporation in North America? Take out your history books – its owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company. That is history.

The company purchased Saks in 2013 for $2.9 billion.

Founded by Andrew Saks in 1867 and incorporated in New York in 1902, Saks & Co. merged with Gimbel Brothers, Inc, which was owned by cousin Horace Saks in 1923. Andrew passed away in 1912, but Gimbel and Saks opened Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC in 1924. Saks expanded to Florida and Chicago before venturing out to the West Coast, and then, their first stop was here, in Beverly Hills. 

Saks continues to flourish with its luxury line of wonderful stores, and opened their outlet offshoot, Saks Fifth Off, in 1990, with 107 stores. Today, there are Saks Fifth Ave. stores in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico City, Toronto, and all over the world, wherever there is a market for luxury.

Ah, Beverly Hills! This week’s Walk with the Mayor promises another “Only in Beverly Hills” experience, and everyone, everywhere is invited to join in the experience. Come on the adventure with Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse by just showing up in your walking (or dancing!) shoes every Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. and be ready for take-off. 

Walk with the Mayor is part of Bosse’s #BHHealthyCity initiative, which aims to make Beverly Hills the world’s healthiest City! Walking is a great way to exercise, and the mayor invites everyone to join her each week to see a new business, a new piece of art or a new twist in the road as she explores the City with about 200 of her friends. Its always a different route, a new business or site of interest, and always fun. 

And while walking, participants meet their neighbors and business owners throughout the City, networking and sharing with the community. Many spend time in a casual setting telling Mayor Bosse what is on their minds – and often, sharing their concerns with exactly the right person in the City who can help them, as many of the City’s employees come out to join the walk. Healthy people, healthy City and healthy businesses!

Bring the kids for a lesson in good government – and the dog (leashed). 

“Monday is my favorite day!” says Bosse. 

Incidentally, Mayor Bosse has been in Miami Beach, Florida, the past few days with mayors from all over the country for the US Conference of Mayors. There, she was asked to talk to them about her “Healthy City” initiative. She comes home with a resolution praising Health City and the hope that mayors across the country will begin to start their own initiatives to be accessible and present with their constituents… Congratulations, Mayor Bosse!

Just join the mayor 8:30 Monday morning on the Crescent side of City Hall with your walking shoes on! Parking is free next to the Beverly Hills Public Library.

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