Brides: Kym Johnson Continues to Reveal More Impressive Details About Her Wedding to Robert Herjavec

Jul 29th, 2016

While tons of celebrities keep their big day details under lock and key, Kym Johnson is proving to be an open book when it comes to wedding planning. And thank heavens, right? We’ve been loving all these sneak peeks of her sure-to-be romantic wedding to Shark Tank star, Robert Herjavec. First, the Dancing with the Stars pro revealed that she’ll be wearing a surprisingly simple wedding dress when it comes time to walk down the aisle. Then, Johnson shared a video of her florist consultation — and the beautiful wedding flowersthat came of it! And now, the Australian-born dancer is planning the most fun detail of all: The booze! Okay, maybe it’s a little much to say that it’s the most fun part, but designing your signature cocktails is definitely up there — and Johnson is bringing you along for the ride!

In an exclusive video (see below) with People, Johnson met with a few alcohol aficionados to design her signature cocktails and plan for not one, but two bars at her reception! A must for Johnson when it comes to big day drinks? A champagne bar, supplied by Le Medaillon Champagne. “I’m more of a champagne girl,” the bride-to-be declared. (Amen to that!) “I think champagne is celebration,” she explained of her choice. Well, pop the bubbly because this is one celebration we can definitely get behind!

But that’s not the only luxe liquor this couple will be serving to their guests. Johnson also wanted to include a whiskey bar — complete with signature cocktails, of course! — as a special treat for her groom. So what personalized drinks did this dancing pro and her Jack Daniels bartender dream up? First, is a twist on the classic Manhattan dubbed, “Respect Your Mother.” Also included on the menu is “The Starship,” a drink whose garnish includes edible glitter (gotta get some glitz in there, right?), and a whisky punch complete with Australian ginger beer. “Love that Aussie touch,” noted this Australian bride.

“Hopefully people don’t get too messy at the cocktail hour!” Johnson mused. Yeah, drunk wedding guests are never good. But hey, at least that means your signature cocktails went over well, right? “It’ll be fun,” the bride-to-be concluded. “I just want it to be a big party and a big celebration.” With those drinks, there’s no doubt about that!

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