Do you want to dance like a star? Ok…so you may not be a pro just yet, but come give The BOD a try! All levels are welcome and we’ve got a variety of dance fitness classes to help you tone and sculpt your best BOD yet. You’ll recognize some of your favorite moves from Dancing with the Stars and learn some incredible routines inspired by the 80’s, Broadway and today’s hottest pop stars. No partners required! Check out our class selection below.

80’s BOD

Length: 55 min | Instructor: Kym Herjavec

A throw-back to the classic workouts from legends like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. Bring your short shorts, leg warmers and get ready to sweat! 30 mins of nonstop 80’s dance cardio followed by a high-energy dance routine set to a different 80’s hit each week.

The BOD: Body of Dance

Length: 55 min | Instructor: Kym Herjavec

This unique signature class combines Kym’s favorite dance cardio workouts and sculpting. Come dance,Tone, sculpt and let your light shine in this 55 minute class that will leave you with a Body Of Dance!

Disco BOD

Length: 55 min | Instructor: BP Major

A throw-back to the classic Disco days of Saturday Night Fever and Studio 54! Get ready to sweat and hustle with a mix of Disco moves and dance fitness choreography. 30 mins of nonstop Disco dance cardio followed by a high-energy dance routine set to a different 70’s hit each week.

Diva BOD

Length: 55 min | Instructor: Ambrose Respicio

Diva BOD is a fun and energetic dance fitness class where you let out your inner diva and work on curves and swerves! Open to all skill levels, Diva BOD will unleash your inner pop star while you sweat it out to today’s greatest hits.

567-Broadway @ BOD

Length: 55 min | Instructor: Joseph Corella

This class will leave you feeling bright like a Broadway star! It’s non-stop dance cardio with songs from Chicago, Rent, Cabaret, Hamilton and many more! Joseph’s enthusiasm will rub off on you and his passion for dance will have you high kicking all the way home!


Length: 55 min | Instructor: Christina Bodie

R&R BOD begins with ab and core work, followed by a sequence of myofascial release techniques on the foam roller. The rolling sequence will improve flexibility, relieve muscle soreness and increase circulation. Then we finish with various restorative and deep stretching postures.

Candlelit Yoga BOD

Length: 55 min | Instructor: Christina Bodie

Connect breath and movement! Rooted in Vinyasa yoga, Candlelit BOD blends fluidity in the body with precision in alignment to create a balanced practice. Sun Salutations followed by standing and floor postures will help you build strength, endurance and flexibility. All levels are welcome.

Mindful BOD

Length: 45 min | Instructor: Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

Whether you are new to meditation or you have been mediating for years this meditation will guide you to connect to the calmness within, allow you to let go of stress and tension in the body, giving you a chance to reset and leave the class with more clarity and focus.

Ballet BOD

Length: 60 min | Instructor: Dana Holm

Strengthen your core, fine tune your technique, and enjoy the art of ballet in this 60 minute class that will surely awaken your inner Odette/ Odile.


Cardio Hip Hop BOD

Length: 60 min | Instructor: Apollo Levine

Learn step by step choreography that will have you looking like you’re straight out of a music video or at least get you ready for your next night out!



Length: 60 min | Instructor: Ben Ayers

Get intoxicated by GROOV3 where dance choreography and cardio meet. Turn up for the sweatiest, blood-pumping, bass-thumping, night on the town with GROOV3!


Jake Your Booty

Length: 60 min | Instructor: Jake Dupree

This barre-inspired workout combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with weights and resistance tubes along with body weight calisthenics to lengthen and tone your body.


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Bridal BOD Program

This 3-month program will get you looking and feeling your best self before your big day. Bridal BOD includes unlimited access to all The BOD classes for three months, and 6 private dance lessons to help you and your partner prepare for your first dance.

Bridal BOD program includes:

  • Unlimited access to The BOD classes for 3 months
  • 6 private 1 hour lessons for you and your partner to create your perfect first dance
  • One nutrition consultation and 30-day Bridal BOD prep meal plan


Private Lessons at The BOD

Learn to dance like a star with private lessons from one of our pros. Various dance styles, including ballroom are available. Please contact us to book your private 50 minute lesson.