Dancer’s Abs in 5-6-7-8 At Home

Nov 19th, 2015



Some of the most stubborn fat that people starting a new fitness program encounter is in the midsection. Do you know the feeling? No matter how many hours a day you spend working out, the fat around your abs just won’t melt away! Of course, the secret to finally seeing those abdominal muscles is in nutrition, but always in conjunction with a good targeted workout. Dancers are strong and stable, and stabilization comes from your core. I have to say, there’s nothing like 10 weeks of dancing for 5-7 hours a day to shape up your midsection and reveal your abs! But since we can’t all be on Dancing with the Stars, I’ve created a quick at home workout that you can do at home to target your core. 

The key to these body-weight workouts, is a high amount of repetitions and as little rest as possible in between sets. Start with a light 5-10 minute warm-up and lower body stretch. You can jog on the spot, do jumping jacks, skip, or dance to your favourite song! Keep your core engaged while performing these moves. As with any toning exercise, don’t worry about speed, focus on performing the move properly. Perform 25 repetitions per exercise and move on to the next. For planks, squeeze your glutes and hold the plank for 30 seconds each side. Repeat the entire round 3 times. Put on your favourite song and have fun with it! If you perform these regularly you’ll soon have the strong, dancer’s core you’re looking for.

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xo Kym