Have a Healthy, Happy Holiday!

Dec 17th, 2015

Despite all the fun and parties, we all know the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year! This year, in honor of the 5678 lifestyle, I’ve asked fitness, nutrition and health experts for their favourite tips to ease holiday stress. Here are some of my favorite healthy holiday tips, and if you have your own make sure to share them with me on social media!

1. Train while you’re traveling. 

I’m on the road all the time, so I know that travel is no excuse to skip a workout session. Use the hotel gym, get a daily or weekly pass near your accommodations, or do simple body weight workouts from the comfort of your room! A skipping rope is always handy to bring with you and small enough to fit in any bag. 

Here is my 3 minute ab quickie that you can do absolutely anywhere:

_MG_1559 basic crunch copy

Basic crunches for 1 minute

Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent. Place your hands on either side of your head, with your elbows pointing away from your ears. Slowly begin to roll your shoulders off the floor and tighten your abs as you lift. 

_MG_1590 bicycle crunch copy

Bicycle crunches for 1 minute

Lie flat on your back with your lower back pressed to the ground. Place your hands beside your head, with elbows pointing away from your ears, and lift your shoulders into a crunch position. Bring your knees up toward your chest. Knees should be perpendicular to the floor, with your lower legs parallel to the floor. Slowly go through a bicycle-pedal motion, kicking forward with the right leg and keeping the knee of the left leg in toward your chest. 

_MG_1572 windshield wipers legs copy

Windshield Wiper legs for 1 minute

Lie on your back with your legs up, hands pressing into the floor. Keep your legs together while you slowly lower them to one side, back to center, then the other side. If you feel any strain in your back, bend your knees while you do the movement.

 2. Plan your plate

There’s nothing like a holiday feast! A simple trick to eating a healthier plate of food involves picking white meat over dark meat, and piling on the veggies first. Avoid butter and gravy, and if you feel like splurging on holiday favorites, like stuffing, simply watch your portions. 

Watch Kym and holistic health and beauty expert, Janelle Hallier, make simple vegan coconut granola, a perfect breakfast to make for your holiday guests.

3. Banish bloating!

Foods that are high in sodium make the body retain fluid. You can beat the bloating you experience by eating potassium rich foods like a grapefruit in the morning or choosing yogurt over ice cream after a big meal!

4. Switch to Full Body Workouts

If you work out regularly you may be splitting your gym or home workout routines by body part. The trouble is, as soon as you start to miss workout days (due to family or holiday commitments) you will be missing a body part. Make sure that you do a full body workout three times a week and your workouts won’t suffer.

5. Drink more water! 

Part of The 5678 Diet is drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. I can’t stress this enough! You will eat less, burn more calories, flush out toxins and your skin will thank you! Try having a glass of water between alcoholic drinks if you are celebrating, and buying a large, safe water bottle to cary with you. Start each day right by waking up with a glass of warm water and lemon. 

Happy Holidays! 



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