What is The BOD by Kym Online? 

Can’t make it into The Bod? No worries! The Bod By Kym Online is a streaming service that lets you access Kym’s favorite class content from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. 

The Bod By Kym Online includes various workout programs for students of all levels. You can follow The Bod By Kym Online workout plan or choose different videos to mix up your routine each day. 

Workouts include: 

  • 4x Dance Cardio routines 
  • 3x Lower Body focused workouts 
  • 3x Upper Body focused workouts 
  • 3x Ab/Stretch workouts 

Content will be updated regularly and you’ll receive updates as new videos are added. 

 A nutrition overview and some behind the scenes content from Kym’s studio – The Bod by Kym Herjavec – is also available.  

 The Bod By Kym Online is available for only $9.99/mo or as an annual subscription for $99/year. 

What do I need to use The BOD by Kym Online?

The Bod By Kym Online requires minimal equipment. You’ll need a yoga mat, some light handweights (we recommend 3 or 5 lbs), and a towel. Some of the workouts are just using your own body weight so no accessories needed. We tell you at the start of each video what’s required. Find yourself a small space, get your laptop, computer, tablet or phone ready to stream and get started.  

Can I watch The BOD by Kym Online on my phone? Or tablet?

Yes – you will have to download the VHX iOS app in order to watch on your iPhone or iPad. Once the app is downloaded you can enter the details for your account and you’ll be able to view all content.  

Learn more here. 

Can I watch on my TV via Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast?

Yes!  Download the VHX app on Apple TV or Roku. From there you will be prompted to login to your account with The Bod By Kym Online and you will be able to view all your subscription’s content.  To view The Bod By Kym Online content on your Chromecast, download the GoogleCast extension for Chrome or click the TV icon within the iOS app.  More on Chromecast here. 

How often will you update the content on the site?

We plan to upload new content to The Bod By Kym Online every three months. 

Do I have to sign up for a one-year subscription, or can I sign up month to month?

You can choose! A monthly subscription is available for $9.99/mo or you can choose the yearly option for $99.99/year (that’s a savings of nearly $20!). 

Both the monthly and annual subscriptions are recurring. You can cancel anytime but will not receive a refund for the portion that has been prepaid. You will still have access to the content for the duration of your pre-payment until your subscription cancellation is completed. Once that prepaid duration ends, you will not be charged again. 

Still have questions?

Email us at info@thebodbykym.com