Us Weekly: Kym Johnson Hints at Her Wedding Dress: I’m ‘Steering Clear’ of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Styles

Jun 23rd, 2016

Kym Johnson has yet to fully envision the wedding dress she’s going to wear to marry Robert Herjavec, but she knows exactly what it won’t look like.

“A lot of [the dresses] I tried on I felt like I was putting a Dancing With the Stars dress on I’d worn before,” Johnson, 39, told Us Weekly on the red carpet at the Babes for Boobs Bachelor Auction in L.A. on June 16. “I’m used to wearing slinky sort of lace things, a lot of beading on Dancing With the Stars, so I wanted to stay clear of that.”

Instead, the Dancing With the Stars pro, who has been engaged to Herjavec, her former competing partner, since February, says the gown will be “just very simple, actually.”


Johnson revealed that after years concocting her own outfits for the long-running dance competition series (she now judges the Aussie version), she’s lending a hand to the dress’ design. “It’s been a really fun process [to help design the dress],” she shared. “A lot of designers will look at me like, ‘What?’ But I’m used to doing it for the show!”

The television personality also dished on her wedding diet, which has involved zero alcohol for the past three weeks. But sobriety does have its perks. “I feel it in my skin. Some people have told me that my skin looks really good, and I think it’s the no-alcohol thing,” Johnson said.

That said, the ballroom dancer admitted, the teetotaling won’t last forever. “I’ll be having a champagne before I walk down the aisle,” she said. “I’ll be so nervous!”

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